Saola Animate provides a visual compelling tool for creating HTML5 animations and interactive web content. Saola Animate brings all your creativity to life with ease.

The sky is the limit!


Saola Animate is the ultimate tool for designing and building HTML5 web content using an integrated visual interface. Saola Animate enables you to do almost everything in an intuitive editor with no coding skills required.

Saola Animate HTML5 animations have flexible layout that works well on any platform or device.

Just $79 for a Perpetual License
What you will get:
  • Fully access to all the features
  • Free major version upgrades (12 months)
  • Email support (12 months)



Animation Timelines
Animation Scenes
Motion Paths
Define motion paths
Easing Methods
Built-in easing methods
Vector Shapes
Drawing vector shapes
Scripting is available for finer control of your animations when needed
Reuse identical elements, scenes, timelines and animations with Symbols
Sprite Sheets
Creating sprite sheets is quick and easy



Timeline acts as a container for animations and a ruler that measures time. Each scene can have multiple timelines to satisfy a large number of elements, animations, and interactivity. Control timeline playback to create rich and interactive animations.


Think of scenes as slides in Microsoft PowerPoint. Manage scenes to control the flow of your animations to create amazing visual experiences.

Sprite Sheets

A sprite sheet is a sequence of various graphics arranged in one bitmap image file. Thanks to sprite sheets, you can create an animated character representing one or several animation sequences while only needing to load a single file.


Auto-Keyframe allows automatically generating keyframes when creating animations. Accordingly, it makes keyframing easier and shortens the time you put in your animations.

Motion Paths

Motion Paths is the best idea when it comes to creating movement. It allows you to draw complex curves than just a straight line, animating your object to move more naturally.

Easing Methods

Easing specifies the speed at which a transition progresses over time. Up to 40 easing methods are at hand to make your animations more stunning and natural.

Shapes & SVG

Saola Animate puts a large variety of preset shapes at your fingertips. Besides, importing SVG is also supported to allow reusing any existing vector graphics design in your animation.


Interactivity is a great way to gain and keep audience’s attention and interest as it allows them to experience interactive control. Engage your viewers by adding actions and triggers in response to events such as a mouse click or a key press.

Flexible Layout

Saola Animate supports flexible layout, that is, the size of the document adapts to the browser window size. Flexible layout allows your animations to run perfectly on any device and browser.

Script Support

JavaScript comes in handy when you want to make your own interactivity. Saola Animate has a powerful built-in code editor with intelligent features, letting you quickly create and edit JS functions. The JavaScript API is also available to back you up at any time.


Turn your ideas into reality with dynamic, interactive, and engaging web content. HTML5 and its extensive functionality empower you to bring your vision to life with no end of advanced animations and interactivity.


Use symbols to share identical elements, scenes, timelines, and animations across scenes or at different positions in the same scene.